Why Work With Turnstone Ventures?
From start to finish, we work as a trusted and integral part of your team – we give your business, your team and your clients as much care as you do yourself.  We strive to give you a high quality product based upon strength in three areas: our ability to listen, our local knowledge, and our focus on client-centric solutions.  Our approach is rooted in our deep knowledge of Japanese and US business practices, fluency in Japanese and English, and many years of hands-on business operating experience. 

In our experiences working with consultants, the best providers are the ones who start by listening carefully to our needs – not those who start by selling us a “solution.”  As a consultant, we strive to listen first and ask good questions – long before we provide you with any answers.  This helps us to focus on the right issues so that we get to the right answers – and a plan that you can implement.   

We are located in Silicon Valley, have an extensive professional network, and many years of hands-on operating experience.  We know how to find critical information quickly, how to open doors, and how to get access to key people.  Based on many years of work in the US as well as Japan (and fluency in English and Japanese), we can understand your objectives and help you overcome communication challenges.  And, we can help you communicate your needs and capabilities in clear, compelling language.

The most sophisticated solution is meaningless if you can’t implement it.  Our recommendations are based upon our understanding of what works in doing business with Japan, as well as your company’s strengths and limitations.  We work with you to develop an action-oriented plan rather than produce a big pile of data that will sit on your shelf.  Our goal is to give you tactics and tools that will allow you to quickly implement the recommended approach – or, should you need ongoing support, that will allow Turnstone Ventures to work with you as we put a plan into practice together.