Turnstone Ventures helps both Japanese and US companies, including:    

• Japanese businesses at any stage of entering the US market – from those assessing the market, to companies already committed to establishing a business presence, on up to organizations with existing operations that need to be repositioned or grown.

• US companies interested in working with Japanese partners, from those seeking to identify Japanese suppliers or technology partners, to companies with existing relationships that need assistance, on up to those seeking to do business in Japan.

We have experience working with clients in a variety of industries, including:
Consumer products
Publishing, media
Information technology, software
Internet, Web 2.0, content and commerce
Financial services
Consulting and professional services
Nonprofit organizations
Medical devices

Functional areas:
Turnstone Ventures has deep experience across a variety of functional areas, including:
Strategy and business planning
Market research
Finance and administration
HR and recruiting
Project management