Turnstone Ventures helps build bridges between the US and Japanese business worlds.  We draw on our deep experiences in Japan and the US in order to help clients in each country compete overseas and tackle challenges from large to small.  We seek to make the playing field as level as possible by eliminating the cultural barriers that can prevent a company with a great product or technology from being successful overseas.   

Team Approach
The Turnstone Ventures team is led by Founder & CEO, Steve Pollock, who has deep experience working and living in Japan, years of hands-on operating experience as the co-founder and president of a successful venture-backed firm in the US, and fluency in English and Japanese.

We use a flexible staffing model, drawing on internal and external resources in order to keep costs low and to build a team with the right skills, connections and know-how to help the client succeed.  We work with people who have experience in many different industries and functional areas including:  

  • Strategy
  • Sales and business development
  • Marketing/PR and market research
  • Product development
  • HR and recruiting
  • Finance,  accounting and administration
  • Others