The Nikkei WeeklyのJapan Business Seminarコラムに掲載された、ターンストーンのCEOスティーブ・パーラックの寄稿記事(英語):

•  Are Stock Options the Answer for Japanese Firms in the U.S.?
   (ストックオプション: アメリカの日本企業も採用すべき?)

•  Time-tested Traditions for Finishing the Year on a Good Note

•  Five Tips to Escape Voice Mail Jail and Reach the Person You Want

•  Expecting Success and Avoiding Failure - A U.S.-Japan Comparison
   (日米の比較: 成功思考タイプと失敗回避タイプ)

•  'Elevator Pitch' Contests Cast Light on Essence of Entrepreneurship

• Internships Give Employers Early Access to Raw Talent

• Growth vs. Stability – Different Views of Company Life Spans
    (「成長型 vs 安定型」企業寿命に対する異なる考え方)

• Lessons From the U.S. Cast Light on Social Media Opportunities in Japan

• What Does the Disaster Tell Us About Japanese Business?

• Need to Build a Great U.S. Team? Copy Growth Companies' Tactics
   (優秀なアメリカチームを作る方法: 成長企業の戦法に学ぶ)

• With Flexibility, U.S., Japanese Firms Can Follow Different Paths Together

• Competing Views of Lawyers Can Affect Negotiations Between Firms

• Thinking of Entering a New Market? First, Ask Yourself Three Questions

• Company Websites Hold Valuable Hints About Cultural Differences

• China Gets All the Attention, but Japan Remains a Land of Opportunity

• Seeking Start-up Funding? Your Best Strategy Depends on Where You Are

• If You Want to Fly High in Japan, Aim to Delight Your Customer

Business Golf Games Offer Insights, Build Relationships

• Fresh College Grads, Freshly Cut Grass - Ah, It Must Be Aprill

• Don’t be Puzzled by the Japanese ‘Meet and Greet’ – Put It to Work

• Potential Partner Knocking? Here’s How to Answer the Door
(日本からの誘い電話? 対応方法のいろは)